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Council Meetings

The Town Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month, with the exception of August. Copies of the agendas and meeting minutes for town council meetings are available to download in PDF format further down this page.

Both Town Council meetings are held in the Council Chamber at the Community Centre on Mill Street and begin at 7.00pm. Both Town Council meetings offer the opportunity for members of the public to speak and ask questions. Other meetings are usually held at the Market Walk offices starting at either 6.00pm or 7.00pm – times and venues are stated on agendas.

There are several committees which cover specific aspects of the wide-ranging work undertaken by the council in and around the town. These committees meet separately; further information regarding committee meetings is available on the Committee Meetings page.

Full Town Council 4 June 2024
Extraordinary Full Council 20 May 2024Extraordinary Full Council 20 May 2024
Annual Meeting 7 May 2024Annual Meeting 7 May 2024Expenditure May 2024
Extraordinary Full Council 29 April 2024Extraordinary Full Council 29 April 2024
Full Town Council 2 April 2024Full Town Council 2 April 2024Expenditure April 2024
Driffield Annual Parish Meeting 2 April 2024Driffield Annual Parish Meeting 2 April 2024
Full Town Council 5 March 2024Full Town Council 5 March 2024Expenditure March 2024
Full Town Council 6 February 2024Full Town Council 6 Feb 2024Expenditure February 2024
Full Town Council 9 January 2024Full Town Council 9 January 2024Expenditure January 2024
Full Town Council 5 December 2023Full Town Council 5 December 2023Expenditure December 2023
Full Town Council 7 November 2023Full Town Council 7 November 2023Expenditure November 2023
Full Town Council 3 October 2023Full Town Council 3 October 2023Expenditure October 2023
Full Town Council 5 September 2023Full Town Council 5 September 2023Expenditure September 2023
Full Town Council 4 July 2023Full Town Council 4 July 2023Expenditure July & August 2023
Full Town Council 6 June 2023Full Town Council 6 June 2023Expenditure June 2023
Annual General Meeting 9 May 2023Annual General Meeting 9 May 2023Expenditure May 2023
Full Town Council 4 April 2023Full Town Council 4 April 2023Expenditure April 2023
Full Town Council March 7th 2023Full Town Council 7 March 2023Expenditure March 2023
Driffield Annual Parish Meeting 2nd March 2023Annual Parish Meeting 2 March 2023 
Full Town Council February 7th 2023Full Town Council February 7th 2023Expenditure February 2023
Special Town Council Meeting January 17th 2023Special Full Town Council January 17th 2023 
Full Town Council January 3rd 2023Full Town Council January 3rd 2023Expenditure January 2023
Full Town Council December 6th 2022Full Town Council December 6th 2022Expenditure December 2022
Full Town Council November 1st 2022Full Town Council November 1st 2022Expenditure November 2022
Full Town Council October 4th 2022Full Town Council October 4th 2022Expenditure October 2022
Full Town Council September 6th 2022Full Town Council September 6th 2022Expenditure September 2022
Full Town Council July 5th 2022Full Town Council July 5th 2022Expenditure July & August 2022
Full Town Council June 7th 2022Full Town Council June 7th 2022Expenditure June 2022
Annual General Meeting May 3rd 2022Annual General Meeting May 3rd 2022Expenditure May 2022
Full Town Council April 5th 2022Full Town Council April 5th 2022Expenditure April 2022
Full Town Council March 1st 2022Full Town Council March 1st 2022Expenditure March 2022
Full Town Council February 1st 2022Full Town Council February 1st 2022Expenditure February 2022
Full Town Council January 11th 2022Full Town Council January 11th 2022Expenditure January 2022
Full Town Council December 7th 2021Full Town Council December 7th 2021Expenditure December 2021
Full Town Council November 2nd 2021Full Town Council November 2nd 2021Expenditure November 2021
Full Town Council October 5th 2021Full Town Council October 5th 2021Expenditure October 2021
Full Town Council September 7th 2021Full Town Council September 8th 2021Expenditure September 2021
Full Town Council July 6th 2021Full Town Council July 6th 2021Expenditure July & August 2021
Full Town Council June 1st 2021Full Town Council June 1st 2021Expenditure June 2021
Annual General Meeting May 4th 2021Annual General Meeting May 4th 2021