Staff & Town Councillors

Driffield Town Councillors


Town Clerk – Mrs Claire Binnington

Deputy Town Clerk – Miss Rachael Parker

Tidy Team – Mr Chris Brotherton and Mr Andy Wilson



Cllr Mark Blakeston


Ward: South West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Personnel, Events & Bonfire, Property & Assets

DTC Delegate: Chair of the Canal Steering Group

I was elected in the South West Ward to Driffield Town Council in 2008 and re-elected in 2011 and 2015. To be honest, I have no background in this sort of thing but as a town resident I feel strongly about ensuring Driffield remains a good place to live and work.

I was born at the Alfred Bean hospital in Driffield and my parents and grandparents were from Fridaythorpe. I moved back to Driffield in 1999 with my wife, Sarah and four children. All our children attended Driffield School and took part in many local clubs – Scouts, Cadets, football, cricket etc; so I understand how important it is to ensure teenagers in particular have things to do.

An engineer by trade, I have worked for many years in telecoms and for the last 5 years I have run my own business based from Driffield. I am a member of the Driffield and District Business club and along with the opinions of residents, I’m keen to ensure that local businesses have a voice in the future of the town. I am not against progress; I am against inappropriate progress and the development of Driffield into a ‘clone’ town. Overall, I simply want the best for Driffield.

Cllr Paul Rounding


Ward: South West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: CCTV and Property & Assets

DTC Delegate: Driffield Navigation Amenities Association, Driffield Partnership Board, Community Centre Management Committee. Partnership Town Centre Group, Driffield Youth Action


Ward: West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Grievance and CCTV

DTC Delegate: ERNLLCA, Yorkshire Community Rail Partnership

Cllr Joan Cooper


Ward: North Ward – Elected Uncontested May 2015

Committees: Allotment, Planning and Market

DTC Delegate: Parish Transport Champion, Waterways Forum

Cllr Joyce Fletcher


Ward: South West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Mayor – ex-officio so sits on all committees except Personnel

DTC Delegate: Driffield Partnership Board (sub), Driffield Partnership Cultural and Heritage Group, Driffield Partnership Town Centre Group, Driffield Youth Action

I have represented South West ward for the past 16 years.  During this time I have taken a very active role on various committees.  These include the Market, Events, CCTV and Friends of North End Park committees.

I will continue to encourage the council to embark on further projects to support the economic vitality of the town.

I feel we as a council should promote facilities for the youth of our town.  they are our future and I am on the committee of both the Driffield Skate and BMX Park and Driffield Youth Action.

Driffield is a great place to work, rest and play.  My three grown up children and their families all live here, so I have an added interest in promoting Driffield for my grandchildren and all future generations.

Cllr Matt Rogers


Ward: North Ward – Elected uncontested May 2015

Committees: Events, Property & Assets, Planning, Personnel and Market

DTC Delegate:

Originating from the East Riding of Yorkshire (Bridlington), I grew up in rural North Yorkshire in Ryedale, so have very firm roots within the countryside, with strong agricultural connections. I moved to Driffield with my job, having worked in education for a number of years. I run a small holding on the edge of Driffield which helps keep my hand in with my passion for agriculture and the countryside and I am the landlord of The Original Keys in Market Place.

Being part of Driffield Town Council means a great deal to me, because I feel that being part of the decision making for this great town is an important role and should not be taken lightly. Our town needs people to help guide and push forward, develop and create a Driffield ready to evolve for the next generation.

Town councillors do their best for this town and people will agree or disagree with our policies and the decisions which are being made, but this is all part of the fun. Local governance does not have to be dull and boring and I appeal to people of all ages, from all walks of life, to get involved and become part of Driffield Town Council when positions become available.


Ward: North Ward – Elected September 2018



Ward: West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Environment, Planning, Personnel, Property & Assets, CCTV

DTC Delegate: Driffield Children’s Centre

I grew up in North Frodingham in the 70s and 80s and went to Driffield School. I moved into Driffield in 1993 and my children have all attended Driffield schools and local clubs. I worked at Driffield School as a Maths teacher from 1999 until 2014.

I was elected as a councillor in 2015. My initial motivation for standing for election was to improve disability access around the town and we have had some success in increasing the number of accessible footpaths by lobbying ERYC, but this is an ongoing project.

I am a member of the ERYC Disability Advisory Group and currently involved in a number of consultations around housing, public health and accessible streets. I know from speaking to a number of local residents that there is a shortage of accessible housing and I am pushing for ‘Lifetime’ homes to be included in the new local plan so that people can continue living in their own home if they become disabled as they get older.

I was very disappointed that we didn’t manage to save the MIU, despite the extremely strong campaign that we ran; collecting the stories and concerns from over 10,000 members of the public. Reading through every one of those and creating a report for the Clinical Commissioning Group about why the MIU was so important to the people of Driffield has made me determined to continue pushing them for reinstating a MIU to the Alfred Bean. I will also continue to lobby for the improvements to the local mental health services that are desperately needed.

As an ex-teacher and parent, I have been really pleased that we have a strong record, as a town council, of supporting facilities for children and teenagers and I have recently had great fun helping out with the local youth club that DTC funding helped set up.

It is a great pleasure working with the other councillors and our fantastic Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Tidy Team.

Cllr Kevin Stack


Ward: South West – Elected May 2015

Committees: Events & Bonfire Committee

DTC Delegate:

Cllr Amanda Croft


Ward: South West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Events & Bonfire and Market Committee

DTC Delegate: Driffield Children’s Centre

Cllr Spencer Fletcher


Ward: South West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Environment, Market, Grievance, Property & Assets


Cllr Georgina Lucas


Ward: South Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Planning, Allotment, Environment and Personnel Committees

DTC Delegate:

I was born at Beverley Westwood hospital 29 years ago and have lived in Driffield ever since. Most of my family lives in the local area and I would never wish to be away from them as they are very supportive of me. I worked my way up through the local schools and after trying my hand at several different jobs I now work in Cranswick for a successful business and have been there for 7 years.

My interests include walking and last year I and a few friends walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. I am also keen on my fitness and recently ran 5K to help raise money for Help the Heroes. I hope to be able to do more in the future.

Having grown up in Driffield my interest has grown over the years in the day to day running of the town and how decisions are made. I found myself wanting to be part of it all and my passion for the town has grown also. I am very interested in a number of developments in the town, for example, the Skate Park, the Cattle Market, the Thursday market, the Tesco development and many more.

I hope that the future of Driffield is a prosperous and enjoyable one for all of us. I am proud to tell people I am from Driffield, Capital of the Wolds.



Ward: South Ward – elected August 2017

Committees: Events and Grievance



Ward: West Ward – elected June 2017

Committees: Market




Ward: North Ward – Elected Uncontested October 2017

Committees: Environment

I have lived in Driffield and surrounding villages all my life. My family live here and the Watson side of the family have farmed in the area for generations, so I feel I have a strong connection with the area – it’s basically where I feel at home.

As a town councillor I have an opportunity to make a difference to people locally, and try and champion local causes at higher levels and try and change things for the better.

It saddens me to see land and buildings in the town degrading into ruin. With the lack of social housing and local people priced out of the housing market, it seems ridiculous we can’t use these buildings to help solve these issues. As a Town Council we must keep pressure on the owners of land and buildings being left unoccupied so they can be transformed into something good for the town.

I always like to look forward, and I also care deeply about the environment. Our town has to be ready for the challenges of climate change and be at the forefront of change. I have been heavily involved with Electric Vehicle charging coming to Driffield and will push for more charging infrastructure in the town.

As well as looking forward, we have to face the environmental issues happening right now on our doorsteps. I’m against fracking, and will continue to fight against it.

I believe in social justice and equality, being in a minority group myself I know how hard life can be sometimes, so I will always help in the struggle for an equal society.

Driffield is a special place, a lovely town and community filled with people who want the best for it. There is always room to improve and develop but we must be mindful as to keep our market town charming and distinctive. I will champion local businesses so the town can be the best it can be, offer residents a diverse array of opportunities to drive the towns economy and bring people to the town from further afield.

Ultimately, I want to improve Driffield for the better, for the residents that live here and for the people that visit and contribute to the local economy. It’s my home town and I’m passionate about making it a nicer place for everyone.

Please get in touch if you have any issues you wish to raise.

Cllr Heather Venter


Ward: West Ward – Elected May 2015

Committees: Market

DTC Delegate:

I am a local woman, I grew up in Lund. Before moving to Driffield 11 years ago, I lived in South Africa where I was Company Director of my late husband’s electrical and marine engineering company. I am a grandmother of 5 and a great grandmother of 1. My interests are the Alfred Bean Hospital and I hope to play an active role with the Defence League in making sure it keeps as many services as possible.

I would like to see a Museum/Heritage Centre in Driffield to show what a long proud history Driffield and the area have and we should really celebrate that fact. Also I am very keen on securing more employment for the town and more shops to stop the weekly flow of shoppers out of Driffield.

I became a councillor because I love the people of Driffield and hope to give something back. As a new councillor I am undertaking training. I offer commitment and will welcome the opportunity to discuss local issues and help whenever possible.