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Driffield & Wolds Create Community

Driffield & Wolds Create Community

Driffield & Wolds Create Community
is an exciting
new small charity established to deliver projects that will help the people of Driffield and Wolds emerge from the COVID pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. 

The projects will focus on the provision of recreation and leisure and encompass the wide-ranging breadth that these areas can potentially cover, from the arts and sport to social and environmental activities.  

Driffield & Wolds Create Community hope their projects will appeal and enrich the lives of all, irrespective of age, ability, social, health and economic circumstances.

DWCC hold craft, bingo and film sessions every other Monday.  These are predominantly for those that are isolated, lonely or struggle to get out, however if spaces allow it is then opened to the public.

Please check the facebook page or Driffield Town Council notice board for the next activity or register your interest at or call 07542 806849  file:///C:/Users/FTurner/Documents/DWCC/Activity%20Poster%20pdf.pdf


The Big Art Project

In conjunction with local artist, Sandra Hood.  The project aims to bring together individuals who have been cut off from interaction with others during the recent lockdowns via a remote art project.

(Pictured here is HM Queen Elizabeth II created in multiple tiles as part of a previous project).

Without knowing what the completed artwork will be, each participant will complete a small section, culminating in the creation of a huge piece of art to be displayed in the town centre. Participants will be invited to join an exclusive on line community to discuss their progress.

Our Treasurer, Carla Bekker, has taken part in a previous Big Art project and this what she had to say The feeling of belonging and the camaraderie engendered by taking part with the creation of the on-line community, the speculation of what the final image may be as well as the boost in self-confidence and self-esteem is immeasurable and will be a lifeline to those suffering from the isolation of lockdown’.

It is hoped that fundraising will enable over 100 people to get involved in the Big Art Project and the group would very much like to hear from you or your organisation if you would like to get involved.  You can contact Maggie on 07542806849 or email

If you have any ideas for future projects we would love to hear from you so contact Fiona on the above email address – remember – ‘anything can happen!’.