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Driffield Men In Sheds

Driffield Men In Sheds

Driffield Men In Sheds, a registered charity that’s all about friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course, plenty of tea drinking and having a good laugh.

The ‘Shed’ is centrally located in Driffield and a place where people can come together to share practical interests. The Shed is an ideal get-away to share skills and enjoy making and mending as well as building social connections and friendships.

What actually happens in the Shed is largely down to what the members (or Shedders as they are known) want to do – usually based on their existing skills, hobbies and interests.  Facilities include woodworking, metalworking, repairing and restoring items for the community and gardening.

Whatever activities take place, the basis of our Driffield Shed isn’t so much the building, it’s the community, the connections and relationships that are built between its members.

The Shed on North Street is open from around 10am to 3pm on Tuesday’s and Thursdays and anyone wanting to find out more is welcome to call in.

Take a look at the Driffield Men in Sheds website for full details or follow them on Facebook