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Property & Assets

Property & Assets Committee

The Properties and Assets Committee meets on an as and when basis.

Driffield Town Council own various buildings, their offices and meeting rooms at Market Walk, Cass Hall community hall, the Skerne Park depot and have long term leases on two public convenience blocks at Cross Hill and North End and a depot at North Street.  We also own various areas of land and a play park at St Margaret’s Close.  In addition, we own several vehicles including a cherry picker and a vast array of equipment that allows our operational team to carry out their duties.  The Property and Asset Committee oversee the care and running of all our assets.

Agendas Minutes
 Property & Assets Agenda September 27th 2022 Property & Assets Minutes September 27th 2022 
 Property & Assets Agenda July 28th 2022  Property & Assets Minutes July 28th 2022
 Property & Assets Agenda November 23rd 2021  Property & Assets Minutes November 23rd 2021
 Property & Assets Agenda October 12th 2021  Property & Assets Minutes October 12th 2021
 Property & Assets agenda September 14th 2021  Property & Assets Minutes September 14th 2021