Budgets 2018 / 2019

Salaries £158,355 Salaries & on costs of the staff
Plant £15,500 New plant, fuel, repairs, insurances etc
Administration £21,250 Office expenses, audit, insurance & training
Buildings £50,490 Running costs for the council buildings
Civic & Democratic £4,600 Elections, Mayors Honorarium, civic functions
Public Amenities £48,544 Play areas, public conveniences, market, allotments, CCTV, town enhancement etc
Town Promotion £26,000 Town Guide, town centre events, website etc
Donations £34,550 Town bus, Mill Green, DNT, DYA, Small Grant Fund, Trip Day etc
Petty Cash £1,500 Petty cash expenses
BUDGET TOTAL £365,789  
PRECEPT £295,789  

To view and download the latest Conclusion of Audit for 2017 / 2018 please click here.