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Your Driffield.  Your Future

Driffield is a great place to live, work and visit but we want to make it even better.


Commonplace is an engagement website that has been launched for Driffield.  It’s a community space to share ideas and opinions to keep Driffield moving forward.  By working together with residents and local businesses we can support a vibrant and thriving town that better meets the needs of the community and attracts businesses, customers and visitors.





Have your say on the proposed ‘parklet’ installation on Middle Street South – April 2022

A new engagement survey has been launched by the ERYC Local Growth Team about the proposed installation of a parklet to add new public space on Middle Street South.

A parklet is a temporary attractive wooden platform and includes fixed seating and planting arrangements. The proposal is that during the summer months it would take one parking space, between Wilko and Lockwood Street, to provide the community with a much-desired dwell and amenity space.

The Umbrella Plaza has created a positive impact on the Market Place area and has been widely supported. We are now looking to see how we can bring similar benefits to another area of the town.

Please share with us your opinion on this idea and the style of Parklet you think would be of most benefit to the town – take part in the survey

Face to face consultation on the parklet is planned to take place on the weekly market on Thursday 28th April and Thursday 5th May from 11am-1pm. The survey will close midday on Monday 9th May.


Climate Action Map – East Riding of Yorkshire

Climate Change has become a Climate Crisis. East Riding of Yorkshire Council is committed to taking action at a local level to reduce our carbon emissions and create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for all.

What changes would you like to see in your community to fight Climate Change?

Your ideas will help shape our Climate Change Strategy. Use an interactive map to suggest an idea to help tackle the climate crisis in your area. 

Final Round of engagement on North End Park – March 2022 (NOW CLOSED)

Results: This infographic provides a summary of the key findings from the final round of engagement. Thank you to everybody that has engaged with Driffield Commonplace to date.

The final round of engagement closed in February 2022 and related to the planned North End Park improvements has now opened. It included an image poll of play equipment options that we would like you to choose from.

This final round will help to decide what equipment will be installed in the park during its refurbishment in 2022.

The park was identified for improvements and funding has been secured by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to make some changes. We want you to have your say to ensure ERYC install suitable equipment for the users of the park.

Thank you to everybody that has contributed to Driffield Commonplace to date, the evidence that has been collected is being used to help inform improvements in the town. The more people that are involved, the better the needs of the whole community will be reflected and so please have your say!


Second Round of Surveys – November 2021 (NOW CLOSED)

Results: This infographic provides a summary of the key findings from the second phase of engagement. Thank you to everybody that has engaged with Driffield Commonplace to date.

The recent round of engagement closed in January 2022 and received over 800 responses across the three surveys. The proposals delved deeper into three topics – North End Park, the Market Place Plaza, and the hospitality and entertainment offer. A summary for each of the proposals are outlined below:

North End Park

  • Overall, 41% of respondents felt neutral about the park, and a further 42% were either mostly negative or negative. However, 65% of respondents said they or their family currently use the park.
  • The main reasons people use the park were because of the large open space and the play equipment, other reasons included easy to access/good location and a good place for walking dogs.
  • Respondents also identified the reasons that they do not use the park, these included a poor choice of play facilities, poor condition of play facilities, lack of maintenance of the park and also the park generally feels unsafe with a number of anti-social behaviour issues.
  • Several improvements were suggested by respondents including using the park to host events, installing more benches, creating a multi-use sports area and policing the park to deter anti-social behaviour.

Market Place Umbrella Plaza

  • 91% of respondents visited Market Plaza whilst the umbrella installation was there and 94% felt the changes that have been made improved the area.
  • Respondents want to see the area used for food and drink stalls, music events, children’s events, crafts and dance.
  • Saturday and Sunday were the preferred days for activity.
  • Other suggestions made by respondents included finding additional space in the town to utilise as community space, encourage businesses in the space to make more effort with their exteriors, use the space to improve the night-time offer of the town and ensure the space is inclusive and accessible for all.

Driffield’s Entertainment and Hospitality Offer

  • Overall, 41% of respondents felt neutral about the existing offer, and a further 27% were either mostly negative or negative. Additionally, 74% said that the current offer could be improved.
  • The top three suggested ways to improve the daytime offer were Improved casual dining options, longer opening hours and wider variety of food options.
  • The top three suggested ways to improve the evening offer were wider variety of food options, introduction of a cinema and more places for fine dining.
  • Other comments made about the offer and possible improvements included the need for improved/increased places for families with children and young people to eat out and socialise, more options for breakfast, improved quality of takeout food options and food stall and pop ups in the Market Plaza.

New Round Of Surveys – November 2021 (NOW CLOSED)

The second phase of surveys were designed to understand what people think about specific aspects of living and working in Driffield and included specific questions about:

  • North End Park
  • Market Place Plaza
  • Hospitality and entertainment
    Walking and cycling heatmap

First Round of Surveys – May 2021 (NOW CLOSED)

Results: This infographic provides a summary of the key findings from the first phase of engagement. Thank you to everybody that has engaged with Driffield Commonplace to date.

The first phase of engagement has now closed and the results will be shared soon. The deadline was extended again until 25 July as we continued to receive responses from the local community on current project proposals.

The Local Growth team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council are working with Driffield Town Council to analyse these results and use this information to shape the next stage of these projects. Survey results and updates on town centre activity will follow in August.

We are also developing a heatmap to capture your views on where and how you think improvements could be made to walking and cycling routes in Driffield town centre and the surrounding area. This is in response to the importance respondents have place on a better town centre environment, parks and public spaces that is more pedestrian friendly.

Thank you to everybody that has engaged with Driffield Commonplace so far. Since it was launched in May, the platform has received over 1,900 unique visitors with almost 800 contributions.