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Corgi Trail Winner

Six year old Trixie Leonard is the winner of the Platinum Jubilee Corgi Trail.
Trixies entry form was pulled out of a hat by Amanda Ludlam, Chair of the Town Centre Steering Group, and is now the proud owner of Monty – a designer corgi created by local artist Siobhan Palmer and made by Tidy Team Supervisor Andy Wilson.
As part of Driffield Town Council’s efforts to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee a Corgi Trail was launched in June with town centre businesses providing homes for the life sized corgis.
The aim of the trail, which ran throughout the summer was to celebrate the Queens love of these characterful dogs as well as encouraging people to discover all that Driffield has to offer with its huge variety of shops and eateries.
The idea for the trail came from Driffield Town Councillors Amanda Croft and Andrew Coleman with local artist Siobhan Palmer designing the Driffield corgis. The life sized corgis were made by Driffield Tidy Team member Andy Wilson – assisted by Driffield Men in Sheds.
The corgis were decorated by local school pupils from all over the Driffield area and featured the colours of the commonwealth flag.
In addition to Monty Trixie will receive a unique commemorative plate designed by Siobhan Palmer.
“The Corgi Trail was really popular with people of all ages taking part in the search over summer, “ said Amanda Ludlam, Chair of the Driffield Town Centre Steering Group
“It was a true community effort and a fun way for people of all ages to exercise and take a proper look at all our amazing town has to offer.
“Lots of businesses have told us how the trail has boosted trade – attracting new customers from all over the area and further afield.
“Thankyou to everyone who supported the Corgi Trail – especially members of the Town Centre Steering Group – and Driffield Town Council. “
The corgis were decorated by: Driffield School, Driffield Junior School, Driffield Northfield Infant School, Driffield Infant School, Kings Mill School, Driffield SMASH, Driffield Youth Action and schools from Nafferton, Kilham, Hutton Cranswick, Burton Agnes, North Frodingham, Beswick & Watton, Beeford, Sledmere, Wetwang, Middleton on the Wolds, and Garton on the Wolds.
Corgi Facts:
*Susan was the name of the Queens favourite Corgi. She has owned more than 30 Royal Corgis since 1945.
*In Welsh cor means dwarf while gi is a form of the word dog
*Folk legend states that these “enchanted” dogs were gifts left by the fairies and were kept hard at work pulling fairy coaches and herding cattle for fairies
*Corgis have a double coat of hair – enabling them to have weather protection but also lose a layer in the warmer weather. This also means that they shed hair a lot – so much so that you could make another corgi out of the hair they shed.
*They are amongst the oldest herding breeds and more than 3,000 years old. They are believed to have come to Wales with the Vikings